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EpiDesigner is a tool for designing quantitative DNA methylation experiments for Sequenom's EpiTYPER technology. This program allows simple design of primers for bisulfite treated genomic DNA and recommends primer pairs for individual assays.
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For each gene, we designed PCR amplicons covering the majority of CpG-dense areas in close proximity to, or overlapping with the annotated transcription start. We used four whole blood samples and four fully methylated (Sssl treated) control samples to evaluate the assay performance. The results are shown for each gene and locus separately. Our diagrams provide information about individual CpG methylation for the two control groups, location of the amplification targets, and gene structure within the context of genomic annotation. For better visualization of methylation trends within each sample group across the genomic region we used a principle curve analysis. For a subset of regions you will find elevated methylation levels in the whole blood samples. These findings indicate a physiological state and are likely to be reproduced in other DNA samples derived from whole blood samples.