1. Enter your sequence in the 'paste sequences' field
2. Adjust desired amplification length limits (min, opt and max) according to your research needs
3. Adjust annealing temperatures according to your desired PCR amplification protocol
4. Press begin run
5. You can now review primer locations and sequences in the results window
6. Select the primers you wish to choose by selecting the checkbox next to the primer pair
7. You can now export the selected primers to a text file or save them to your list of primers
8. Once you have saved all primers in your account you can go to .my primers. and export them in one of three formats:
          * A database input format for EpiTYPER users
          * A generic oligo order form
          * A generic amplicon description

You can also input multiple sequences at the time using the FASTA format, or by uploading a FASTA text file. You can either let the software pick the best regions for you (optimize coverage) or you can select certain target areas (target).